Local printer lends a hand

If you’re out of work, your job search potentially just got a little less expensive. Pro Print Inc. of Duluth is offering to print 50 resumes and matching envelopes free of charge for anyone who is unemployed.

Simply bring a hard copy or a computer file of your resume to Pro Print at 3920 Airpark Blvd.
Scott Cooke, Pro Print’s co-owner, assures there is no catch.

“We’re really just trying to help people out,” he said, noting that local unemployment continues to mount.

“It’s hard to talk to anyone these days without the subject of someone who got laid off coming up,” he said.

Cooke points out that good turns have a way of coming back around.

“Some day, someone may remember we helped them out. And maybe they will steer a print job our way,” he said.

The free resume printing offer will stand through the end of this month. For more information, call Pro Print at (218)722-9805 or visit http://proprintduluth.com