Schneiderman’s in Meadowlands set to close

The flagship store of Schneiderman’s Furniture in Meadowlands will close after more than 40 years of selling sofas and dining sets in Northeastern Minnesota.

Max and Edna Schneiderman began the family business in 1948 with a grocery and hardware store in the rural town about 45 miles northwest of Duluth. In 1967, the store began selling furniture, carpet and appliances. And in the forty years since, the company was handed off to their sons Russell and Larry Schneiderman and it grew to seven stores across the state.

“From a business standpoint, it made sense to close the store,” president Larry Schneiderman said. “We’ve needed to do so for three or four years now, but put it off because it was a tough decision.”

[The original store in 1948.]

The Meadowlands store once drew customers from Duluth and the Iron Range, but now with Duluth becoming more of a regional retail center, the Meadowlands store didn’t attract the same number of customers, Schneiderman said.

[Max Schneiderman stands outside the Meadowlands store in 1960.]

Schneiderman’s Furniture first came to Duluth in 1982 and built a new 50,000-square-foot store near Miller Hill Mall in spring 2005.

“With the Duluth store and shopping habits changing, it was tough to keep that store open there,” said Stu Lunsford, the Duluth store manager.

[Jason, Russ, Edna and Larry Schneiderman at the grand opening of the new Duluth store in 2005.]

The Meadowlands store will host a going-out-of-business sale at 10 a.m. Thursday to mark the end of the era. Once the merchandise is all sold, the store will close and about 10 employees will be let go, Schneiderman said. Meadlowlands will retain an administrative center for the company with about 200 employees.

“We’re also trying to keep in mind that we’ve had a lot of good times and it’s been a nice run over there,” said Schneiderman from the company headquarters in Lakeville, Minn.

Schneiderman’s Furniture also has stores in Plymouth, Lakeville, Roseville, Woodbury, with an outlet and distribution center in Burnsville.

 … Did your family travel to Schneiderman’s in Meadowlands to buy a sofa or dining room set?

4 thoughts on “Schneiderman’s in Meadowlands set to close

  1. Well I never had a need to go to the Meadowlands store it is sad that there first store is closing. I wonder if this is a sign for the company. Will more of them be closing?

  2. My mom used to work with Max Schneiderman at the Dewitt-Seitz building back when it was a furniture wholesaler. Mom loved working with Max and after they had both moved on, mom to a new job and eventually to start a family, and Max to start his own furniture store, she made sure all of our furniture was purchased from him. I have fond memories of our trips up to the Meadowlands, playing around the furniture and joking with Max.

    I think this wonderful man would be sad to see his original store close, but proud of his kids for their successes with the business and for continuing his dream.

  3. I remember the drive to the Meadowlands store well. My parents purchased many items from that store in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and when my husband and I married 26 years ago in 1983, we purchased furniture for our new home there. Quality and friendly service are words that come to mind when I think of Schneidermans. It is always sad to lose “an original” but I am happy that there are other Schneiderman’s stores to shop.

  4. I purchased many, many pieces of furntiure at that location. One reason, primarily, was the Customer Service. They excelled. Another sad sign of the times. I wish everyone well.

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