Cruise ship cruising

Charting a course for Duluth, the cruise ship Clelia II has made its way from Portugal to Lake Ontario on Wednesday.

In its maiden Great Lakes voage, the 290-foot, 110-guest cruise ship arrived in Rochester, N.Y. for an inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard and customs checks for its 60-person European crew. The ship will reach Duluth at about 6 a.m. July 4.

The Bahamian-flagged ship will embark on varying itineraries through the St. Lawrence Seaway this summer from Toronto to Duluth and places in between.

5 thoughts on “Cruise ship cruising

  1. I hope the ship cleans out it’s holding tanks.

    We do not need another Zebra Mussle in the water.


  2. right on jerry. im sure they will park it behind the decc and take away many needed prime viewing areas for the f-works as well.

  3. bk Do you have a hard time looking up? I think you could get a little more creative in your effort to see fireworks and a lot more creative in your whining.

  4. have you locals checked this cruise out?

    That would be one hell of a neat cruise from Toronto to arrive in Dulllooot about the only reasonably good day of your year (’bout the middle of your TWO weeks of summer!)
    Perfect timing to arrive in Dulllooot when it’s not 40 or 40 below, and watch the light show.

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