More frosty beer!

Mount Royal Bottle Shoppe, 1602 Woodland Ave., is expanding and putting in a walk-in refrigerated “beer cave.”

The store has been a fixture in Duluth’s Mount Royal Shopping Center for 30 years and is about to grow by roughly 50 percent, swelling from 2,750 square feet at present to 4,200 square feet in the near future.

Marshall “Moshi” Pearlman said this is his first opportunity to expand the shop since becoming its owner more than 13 years ago.

The growth of Mount Royal Bottle Shoppe was made possible by the departure of an Engwalls florist shop from the shopping center at the end of June. Plans now call for a new Engwalls Expressions to open inside a SuperAmerica store across St. Marie Street in September

Following the exit of the florist shop, Manor Cleaners & Launderers shifted from its old position in the shopping center to the spot left vacant by Engwalls, freeing up room for Mount Royal Bottle to expand.

The timing could have been better, according to Pearlman.

“With the economy down, the cold weather and our road all ripped up, it has been a tough summer,” he said.

But Pearlman seized the opportunity to physically enlarge his store, in faith that better days lie ahead. He expects the expansion to be completed in early September.
In addition to boosting his store’s selection of cold beers, the project will enable Mount Royal to carry more wine and build on its other niche market: single-malt scotches.

The entire store will be updated as part of the project, and cashier’s stations will be relocated in an effort to improve the store’s traffic flow and make it easier to shop.

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  1. As long as they don’t go with JR Jensen Construction they should be finished in time for Freshman Move-In Weekend.

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