Copper/nickel deposit found to be more extensive

Even as PolyMet Mining hosts an open house in Hoyt Lakes today, another would-be developer of a copper-nickel-cobalt-palladium and platinum mine, was touting encouraging results of exploratory drilling on the Range.

Duluth Metals Ltd. announced that it has discovered discovered promising deposits of copper and nickel more than half a mile beyond the previously defined boundary of what’s been dubbed the Nokomis formation.

"This latest step-out drilling continues to confirm Duluth Metals’ belief in the continuity of the Nokomis mineralization," said Henry Sandri, president and CEO of Duluth Metals. "It is gratifying to have the confidence to drill a hole nearly a kilometer away from the defined Nokomis Deposit outline and achieve these types of results."

"This new out-step hole supports our belief that the Nokomis Deposit has the potential to be substantially increased, with the added possibility of finding areas of higher grade zones," he said.

So far, just about 50 percent of the Nokomis deposit, located southeast of Ely, has been explored, and all 155 holes drilled have revealed the presence of mineable minerals.

Duluth Metals proposes to develop an underground mine. PolyMet proposes an open-pit peration.


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  1. What are we waiting for…let’s get started! We need the jobs, our schools need the kids, our retail communities need to remain here to serve us and we need to get rid of the Sierra Club once and for all. Here’s hoping for prosperity once again on the Range!

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