Teaser to Maurices Q&A

Three Maurices executives offered a glimpse into their successful women’s clothing company earlier this week. For a half hour, David Jaffe, president and CEO of Dress Barn and Maurices; Lisa Rhodes, chief merchandising officer of Maurices; and George Goldfarb, chief financial officer of Maurices; answered wide-ranging questions  for the News Tribune about their profitable operation in Duluth.

An edited Q&A will run in Business Monday and the full Q&A will appear here then, but right now, here are the questions to which you will get answers:

Q: In 2007, three years after Dress Barn acquired Maurices, you said that recreating this team, the one in Duluth, wasn’t going to be possible. What makes this workplace culture so unique?

Q: Why have a headquarters for a women’s fashion brand in Duluth, Minn.?

Q: What goes on in this 150,000 square feet of office space? Are there people designing and coming up the next women’s fashion brands? Or how does that come about?

Q: Is Duluth representative of the market Maurices wants to attract in the young woman?

Q: Dress Barn had a stronger third quarter of 2009 than expected. How is your company able to kick the recession with products that fall into the discretionary spending category?

Q: When Dress Barn merged with Maurices, you set out on an ambitious growth initiative of adding many stores. Is that iniative still being realized and living up to its potential?

Q: What are the challenges for the company going forward?

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