Setting up for new restaurants, retail

We at Twin Ports Business know how our readers love everything food and retail, so in case you missed it, the Duluth City Council voted last night to reshape the area between Kohl’s and Central High School to attract more food and retail.

The News Tribune reported that the council garnered advice from a consulting firm that said tenants for the new developments could be Chipotle, Panera Bread and Trader Joe’s.

Work has not yet been done to attract those types of establishments, but Twin Ports Business will keep you updated when we know if plans are in the works.

One prediction: If we report on Chipotle coming to Duluth, Twin Ports Business will be overwhelmed with visits from readers hungry for Mexican grub.

17 thoughts on “Setting up for new restaurants, retail

  1. All three of those would be FANTASTIC. I don’t understand why we don’t have a Chipotle already, and Trader Joes’ would be great.

  2. QDoba is by far the better Mexican restaurant. The cheeses are zestier, the meats have more flare, the veggies are juicier and the customer service is top-notch. It is also a spice-neutral establishment meaning if you want your chicken to be free of spicy goodness or badness then you can have it. Those who are spice-challenged would be hard to find a meat that meets their liking. QDoba is not like this because it is an establishment of the people. It’s open later than Chipotle, which caters to those who work later. Chipotle, on the other hand, closes before midnight in most locations and thus does not cater to segments of society who must work odd hours. Again, not an establishment of the people.

    QDoba will leave a quantity of money in your wallet and leave quality fare in your belly. That’s what the Q in QDoba stands for.

    It’s obvious people. Step up and bring the superior Mexican restaurant to Duluth and reap the benefits.

  3. I mean if Mankato can have a Panera Bread (which has been there a couple of years) why can’t Duluth? Really…? Bring all three and while you are add it I vote for Red Robin, TGIFridays or Chilis. Nice to have a mix of chain and original local restaurants because eating out a lot here gets old fast.

  4. i come from a different state where we have more variety.. but seriously, we already basically have these restaurants.. why not a jamba juice, something that doesn’t throw a ton of muscle enhancers and weird junk into your drink.. or a red robin? why can’t they move some of the basic chains from the cities up this way? some of us don’t like weird mexican food with a very small menu.. this town is so slow to catch up to the rest of the world!

  5. More large chain restaurants with marginal food quality, made in factories, microwaved to order by low skilled, low paid workers, these chains take the profit elsewhere and give nothing back to the community. Ya, we should have more of these restaurants. Support the local businesses that are the community.

  6. I eat at Burrito Union a lot and I think it is good. I think Chipotle is way better! I don’t like going to chain restaurants, but if local business don’t stack up against the competition, I’m sorry but I’m not going to eat there. I’m not going to spend money at local businesses just because they are local. A little competition might make everyone step up their products.

  7. Local does not equal quality or good for that matter. Panera would beat a majority of the sandwich places in this town hands down.

  8. I vote for patronizing the Pickwick in a big way. The more people dine there for the fine food and service, the more successful the business and their employees will be. One of the finest restaurants in the Duluth area.

  9. I love Trader Joes…please please please bring a Trader Joes…when I shop the ones in Maple Grove and St. Louis Park I always leave a comment about needing one here in Duluth!

  10. You know what? If we had some more restaurants and places to shop, that were different, we could make the choice whether to patronize those businesses or not! That’s what having choices is all about, see? Choices. Sorry for the sarcasm. But if you don’t like it, don’t go there. This isn’t about whether a restaurant is good or not. It’s about attracting more business which helps our economy and gives us as consumers and patrons more choice on where to spend our dollars. Yay!

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