Karl Spring lands part-time media gig

After being let go by Fox 21News last week, meteorologist Karl Spring has found his next media outlet — the blogosphere.

Spring will write a weather (and other hobbies) journal on Howie Hanson’s blog.

In his first post, Spring wouldn’t shed any new details on the reason he was let go by Fox. He introduced himself, rambled about the situation at Fox and talked about what else he will write about, including the pesky Minnesota Twins.

5 thoughts on “Karl Spring lands part-time media gig

  1. We enjoyed Karl on both channel 6 and 21, we miss having him on TV, always upbeat and did a good forcasting job. Good luck Karl in what ever you do.

  2. I never really followed him – don’t watch TV much – but whenever I flipped thru and saw Karl I always thought he came across as an actual, real person with a great attitude. Congratulations to Karl on his career move! TV and TV people are stupid so he’s going in the right direction!

  3. Good luck Karl. I do not think that is is a loss for you. FOX network is a media dictatorship organization. Apparently you are a free spirit. Duluth loves you, you will do great wherever you go.

  4. am terribly disappointed with Fox 21 for releasing Karl Spring. Spring is a kind, sensitive and good person. I am particularly suprised that Julie Moravcik helped engineer this,given her own trial in Ashland some time back. I would have expected a much more sympathetic approach. Well, I guess it’s back to George; I will miss Karl. I would urge Fox 21 to get Spring back, but as is always the case when a corporation makes a mistake they can never admit it.

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