Fox 21 News wins two regional Emmy Awards

The newcomer in the Duluth TV market won two regional Emmy Awards on Saturday night in Minneapolis.

KQDS-TV Channel 21 took home mid-sized market awards for station excellence and evening newscast. The Duluth Fox affiliate’s 9 p.m. newscast has been on the air for about two years.

WDIO-TV Channels 10 and 13 won the mid-sized market daytime newscast award and one for health-science feature.

The Duluth ABC affiliate’s feature was titled Sophia’s Story and was reported by Cassie Limpert and photographed by Dan Bergh.

KBJR-TV Channels 6 and 11 and WDSE-TV Channel 8 were shutout.

The region includes Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.

6 thoughts on “Fox 21 News wins two regional Emmy Awards

  1. Kind of amusing that Fox obviously had a “star” team to win such an award considered they just fired Karl Spring the weatherman that obviously helped them get this award.

    Weren’t you supposed to try to keep a winning team together once you have one ? I guess not these days. Who knows what metric they are using these days to hire and fire people. Good job performance obviously does not offer the job security it used to.

  2. It was obviously more than just Karl that made the FOX 21 news team a success. One should know the whole story before assuming what Karl’s job performance was. For someone who only took up 3 1/2 minutes of each newscast it was not his “talent” that determined what the Emmy boards were looking at. I took each member of the FOX 21 news team to do their respective jobs well in order to take home the two most coveted awards.

  3. Give extra credit to WDIO for winning the health-science Emmy. If I’m not mistaken, they were competing against all of the stations in the region for that one, including the “big boys” in the Twin Cities. All of the others won were in categories for stations of smaller size.

  4. Clarification: The above post by “WDIO Award” was written by me, not by WDIO. I put “WDIO AWard” in the field for name, thinking it was a field for the subject of my post. I guess I struggle following directions!

  5. ‘DIO definitely deserves credit for the reporting award beating Cities stations. But, if you’re giving ‘extra’ credit to anyone… you need to appreciate a station less than three years old winning the two biggest awards.

    They obviously beat out the other two Duluth stations.

  6. Wow! Considering that KQDS had a news team for less than 3 years and canned its chief meterologist, Karl Spring allegedly for having a second job. Give me a break on that one! It takes a team effort to win awards. They still have no clue as to who the new chief meterologist is.

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