A new candy store and other restaurants coming to downtown Duluth?

Owners of the Fannie Rose Building on the 100 block of East Superior Street want to eventually turn the 6,000 square feet of storefront into four dining and retail options, said building co-owner Steve Sola.

Their first move is converting the former Coin and Stamp location into a new candy store by spring 2010.Fannie Rose Candies will sell homemade candies, carmel corn and other treats, Sola said.

The estimated 102-year-old building is undergoing restorations, including renovations to the former Coin and Stamp that occupied the two middle units. Fannie Rose Candies will take one of the middle units and the purpose of the other has yet to be decided, Sola said. Coney Island The Original and Western Union bookend the building, while the entire second level is vacant.

"Duluth really needs this" candy store, said Steve Sola, who also owns Coney Island The Original. "Duluth used to have that in the old days, and we felt it was necessary to add this."

The building’s owners, brothers Steve and Rand Sola and Buffalo Holdings LLC, bought the building between the Fond-du-Luth Casino and the Tech Village in August 2008.

(Check out more details about the restoration in Construction Zone in Business Monday.)


4 thoughts on “A new candy store and other restaurants coming to downtown Duluth?

  1. Duluth NEEDS a candy store? Downtown Duluth is about an uninspiring place as it is, now we add more irrelevant stores to it? Even in thriving malls, the candy stores are pretty pathetic. Perhaps we could make it a gift shop/candy store to sell t-shirts and trinkets (please sense my heavy sarcasm with the last statement).

  2. I wonder if the Coney place will use this as an opportunity to remodel, or perhaps just clean their establishment!???!!!

  3. The employees of Coney Island are always standing outside smoking.
    Then they follow you in and prepare food.

  4. Best Coney’s I have ever had. Neat decorations on the wall–along with the photo of the “Original
    Coney” restaurant—made from a street car?
    Perhaps the bathroom could be refurbished.

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