Johnson to leave WDIO

TV news reporter Kim Johnson is leaving WDIO-TV Channels 10 and 13 to accept an anchor/reporting position in Green Bay, she wrote this afternoon on Facebook.

"I’m sad to say I will be leaving WDIO-TV in a couple weeks," Johnson, a Maple Grove, Minn., native, wrote on the social networking site. "I’ve accepted an anchor/reporter gig in Green Bay. I’m excited for my next chapter, but will miss this community that I have grown to love!!!!"

Johnson has covered city government, served as fill-in anchor and has kept a blog on WDIO’s Web site.

8 thoughts on “Johnson to leave WDIO

  1. Sure. All we ever get left with is the old timers that should be retired and are legends in their own minds. Duluth is simply a stepping stone for the young, quality anchors to start at, then they move elsewhere as soon as they can. The homely ones stay longer.

  2. We’ll miss her. WIDO has a very good on air staff, with one exception that drives me up the wall with her ackward gestures, stumbling over her own words etc…maybe one day she’ll leave too.

  3. Ted, who are you talking about? WDIO is losing a good reporter unfortunately. Maybe they should go after Chris Buckley.

  4. …speaking of people who should be off the air, I was directing my comments to those who are on the OTHER channel. The WDIO lineup is pretty good. Sarah Frakes could read the livestock report and I’d tune in. She’ll be on CNN in no time.

  5. I don’t want to mention specific names on here, but as I said, I like WDIO’s news and they have some quality on air folks. If you just watch the news every day and look for the one who just seems ackward in her position you’ll soon figure it out. I usually just tune to another channel for the news when she’s on.

  6. Hey WDIO fan, Sarah Frakes is a weekend sportscaster at WDIO. I don’t see her possibly on CNN, but ESPN.

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