Ask your bus for an email ETA

If you’ve ever found yourself in crummy weather waiting for a city bus that has fallen behind schedule, here’s a new tool that’s worth checking out.

The Duluth Transit Authority has launched a new automatic email notification system that will advise you either 15 or 30 minutes before your bus’ estimated time of arrival at your stop. The system uses real-time global-positioning system technology and software to cast its predictions.

You can register for the new service on the DTA WebWatch Web site, Or simply click here to visit.

WebWatch also allows you to track the progress of a bus in real-time along a map of its route. This new feature could be especially helpful as we head into winter and the delays it is certain to cause.

2 thoughts on “Ask your bus for an email ETA

  1. You could have them send you an email, or you could just utilize how CRM software sends text messages. For example, if my cell phone number at verizon is 218-724-1111, than I could list my email on the Duluth bus signup as my (verizon is So I’m not sure what AT&T is, but you can easily find out by texting your email from your phone. So in short, my example would be and it will automatically send you a text message.

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