Snider replaces Spring at FOX

Chris Snider has been named chief meteorologist at KQDS-FOX 21 TV. He replaces Karl Spring in the role.

Snider, age 25, joined KQDS in September of last year, serving as a production assistant and weekend meteorologist. He graduated from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant with a degree in meteorology. He worked at television stations in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota prior to joining the Fox 21 team

KQDS is the Duluth News Tribune’s broadcast news partner.

7 thoughts on “Snider replaces Spring at FOX

  1. Please!!! I’m sure Mr. Snider is a fine young man of some potential, but listening to his weathercast is like trying to follow an apoplectic squirrel…

  2. Ok, so FOX 21 will have to have a new weekend meterologist. Hopefully they will find one and not be in such a hurry to get rid of their chief meterologist.

  3. C’mon, I’m a fan of Karl. Whatever the management decisions are at Fox, they’re their decisions but cut the kid a break. We’ve all had to start a career some place so don’t take your frustrations out on the kid.

    Gimme a break!!

  4. Chris Snyder has been doing weather for Fox 21 for at least a year, during which time his ability to progress and get better has yet to be established. Snyder continues to go on rabbit trails during his weather broadcast, leaving his audience wondering what he is even talking about. Karl Spring was fun and energetic to listen to. Whatever the reasoning is behind letting Spring go, Fox 21 has made a huge mistake!!!

  5. I watched his weather broadcast. Fast forward to the last days of June, where he is now chief.
    Some say to give the kid “a break.” Remember, a station manager must get the best piece of equipment for the lowest price. This applies to on air talent as well.
    I say, you get what you pay for. For a guy with a met degree, I failed to see any perspective in his presentation of weather data and forecasts. His discussions of temperature maps, satellite imagery and radar…weak. The infamous “7 day forecast” is the standard formula that he is forced to display…whether its accurate or not.
    What I didn’t see was an intelligent weather map discussion. Just a description of where clouds and radar echoes are located.
    That type of discussion tells the interested viewer NOTHING. The viewer can see for himself or herself the imagery, with no further explanation required from the met. Forecast graphics are self-explanatory.
    Mr. Snider needs to ‘step up to the plate,’ and
    improve his weather presentation skills to a new level. Otherwise, his audience will continue to see a young man who is not credible. And if he
    has any hopes of leaving the Duluth market in the future, he better improve his game. A larger tv market won’t be interested if this is the best he can do. From a retired tv meteorologist.

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