Speed kills, mileage wins at Hybrid Expo challenge

Rabbits need not apply;tortoises truly win this race.

The bizzare test is Saturday’s second annual 20-mile Economy Run Challenge at the Hybrid Expo at Kari Toyota in Superior.

Bring your hybrid car to see not how fast you can complete the course, but the mileage you can rack up doing it.

Trophies for highest mpg will be awarded for first, second and third place in both the passenger car and SUV divisions.

Last year, Don and Beth Olson of Superior won the Prius division with 78.2 miles per gallon. In the Camry hybrid division, JoAnne and Larry Spears of Duluth won with 43.2 mpg. About 20 people participated.

Remember: Pushing on the gas peddle is bad and letting it coast is good.