Construction worker tempts fate on job in Duluth

OSHA caught this construction worker putting himself in a somewhat unsafe position while working on the recently completed Weiland Block development in downtown Duluth. This photo made OSHA’s "Best of the Worst" slideshow from 2007 and 2008.

This picture is very mild compared to the other daring acts. Check them out here.

5 thoughts on “Construction worker tempts fate on job in Duluth

  1. Having been around quite a few OSHA inspectors, by and large they don’t understand that you can’t take the risk out of some jobs. It just can’t happen. But they don’t care.

    A cop I knew got a nastygram because he didn’t have his little orange reflecty vest on during the middle of a very dangerous rescue from a burning car. The pinhead academic couldn’t comprehend that we don’t live in a static world and that sometimes you have to put yourself in danger.

  2. “But they don’t care.”
    “couldn’t comprehend.”

    Wow. Not TOO inflammatory.

  3. So let me guess, the brickwork the person is standing on is about to collapse under his weight? An earthquake is about to toss him out the open window? Like nobody ever walks up to the edge of a cliff and looks over it.

    The one I always get a kick out of, is the flag person directing traffic to stop & go in road construction with the manditory hard hat. I guess it’s for meteor protection. It sure isn’t going to do them any good if a car comes crashing into them, or possibly a dump truck backs over them. I just don’t see much overhead work creating falling objects (which hard hads are meant for) in road construction.

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