Getting to Duluth on time

It’s no secret that Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s arrival at last week’s annual Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce dinner was a nail biter.
Would she — or wouldn’t she — get there?
At the podium at DECC’s Lake Superior ballroom, in front of the more than 1,000 people gathered, chamber board chair David Jensch openly stalled for time.
Klobuchar’s scheduled time as keynote speaker came and went.
And no Klobuchar.
Then, a triumphant Klobuchar made her entrance with a uniformed entourage from the Minnesota Air National Guard.
Missing her flight to Duluth, Klobuchar had hitched a helicopter ride with them. Vowing never to miss a Senate vote, she had been held up in Washington for the health care reform vote.
“She made sure she was there long enough to ensure she didn’t miss a vote,” Chamber President David Ross said.
Hearing of her plight, a guard representative offered to include her on their chopper flight to Duluth IF she got to the Twin Cities by 6 p.m.
She made it.
The chopper arrived at the 148th Fighter Wing’s base in Duluth at 7 p.m. From there, they drove downtown to the DECC.
“She was scheduled to go on at 7:20, she went on by 7:25,” Ross said.
But if she hadn’t made it, the chamber had a Plan B.
Earlier, Klobuchar made a video, apologizing for not making it.
“We were ready to use it as a back-up,” Ross said.