Cirrus hires key Middle East rep

Cirrus Aircraft already delivers planes to more than 50 countries in the world.

But with Tuesday’s announced addition of Patrick Carroll to the Cirrus team, company officials hope to expand their business in the Middle East and Asia, especially with fleet sales.

Carroll, who has held senior sales and marketing positions with Airbus, BAE Systems, EADS, and other companies as their representative in Asia, was named Tuesday to the post of Cirrus’ divisional director in the Middle East and Asia.

According to  a news release, Carroll brings key experience and market knowledge to the Duluth-based company’s corporate strategy in the Middle East and Asia. He’s also skilled in special use aircraft sales and dealing with governments and institutions.

Carroll has an electronic degree from London South Bank University. He’s an FAA commercial with multiple engine and instrument ratings. He’s a certified flight instructor and holds pilot licenses in Japan, China and the Phillippines.

In accepting the position, Carroll said he was pleased to join the Cirrus team. "The Middle East and Asia are an especially challenging and dynamic market with many countries keen to upgrade their training fleets," he said in the release.