Changes at Lake Avenue Cafe

Change is coming to Lake Avenue Cafe.

The restaurant in the Dewitt Seitz Building in Canal Park has new owners, a new interior and plans for new menu items.

The new owners — Mark Swenson, Derek Snyder and Michale Schraepfer — acquired the restaurant about three weeks ago.

And in that short timeframe, the restaurant put in new flooring, lighting and paint. Swenson said they wish to add a bar in the near future and a deck in the spring.

"It had the same look for 20 years and it’s always been a favorite of mine and Derek’s," said Swenson, who has had stakes in other Duluth restaurants such as Bellisio’s and Fitger’s. "We thought it could use a freshening up and it kinda has a warmer feel to it."

Swenson said the menu will have a new look, too. Chef Lane Prekker, formerly with Bob Bennett at Restaurant 301, might feature some specials and old Lake Avenue Cafe favorites.

"People have been requesting stuff that was here in the past," Swenson said, "and we’ve said, ‘Yeah. We can bring that back.’ "


4 thoughts on “Changes at Lake Avenue Cafe

  1. For clarification purposes, I would like to note that Mr. Swenson may have had a “steak” in Bellisio’s, but he has never had a “stake” in that restaurant. That said, I wish him the best of luck in this endeavor.

  2. Lane Prekker is the chef? I knew him when he was a teenager! did not know he was a chef at 301, that is one fine restaurant. Love their pasta puttanesca.

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