Stimulus tracking gone awry?

In congruence with the late October release of the federal government’s audit of its stimulus package, the News Tribune looked at where that money was spent in Duluth and how many jobs did it save or create.

We reported that the Northland Foundation will recieve $3.7 million to help other companies with stimulus dollars. The audit on said it would save or create nine jobs at the foundation.

The Northland Foundation balked at the job numbers published, while acknowledging discrepencies on For a third check, I went back to to yet again check my work. Upon further review, what was published in the newspaper was the same as the Web site.

Onus on the feds.

It turns out the audit has more startling errors than details on one foundation in Northeastern Minnesota. ABC News reports that has posted 30 jobs saved or created for a ficticious congressional district in Arizona.