There’s always a catch


While the beginning on Friday of Allegiant Air’s non-stop flights between Duluth and Orlando is welcome news, there’s a catch.

The flights do not go to the Orlando International Airport but to the more distant and smaller Sanford International Airport, 18 miles northeast of Orlando.

That means extra costs if you take a taxi to Disney properties in Orlando. One commenter on this blog claims the taxi ride costs about $140.

While we can’t confirm that, Brian Ryks, executive director of the Duluth Airport Authority, says the secondary travel cost depends on where you’re going. Orlando Beach, for example, isn’t that far, he says.

He said Allegiant flies in and out of the Sanford airport because it’s less costly for the airlines and allows it to offer its signature low rates. Flights between Orlando and Duluth generally cost $99.99, but a special one-way fare of $79.99 is being offered for many flights taken by March 1 when tickets are purchased by Dec. 2.

“The one thing you’ve got to remember, is this is a low cost carrier service,” Ryks said. “They go there (Sanford airport) so they can offer a lower fare.”

Ryks says people like flying in and out of Sanford airport because it’s smaller than the main airport while still offering amenities such as car rentals.


3 thoughts on “There’s always a catch

  1. On the allegiant website you can book rental cars for a very good price and pick up in Sanford. My daughter lives there so it is no problem for me. She lives in Tampa so I just looked into flying into Tampa from Duluth $383 plus taxes and that was with a layover and transfer both coming and going, when I checked Allegiant it was $386 for the wife AND I- I booked my flight she will come and get me

  2. You mean you get what you pay for??? Not a surprise. If people don’t do their homework before a trip, that’s their own fault. Typical consumer mentality…spend two bucks there to save a buck here.

  3. I’m so glad that you wrote this blog post. I think it’s WONDERFUL that Allegiant is now flying direct from Duluth to Florida. I have just talked to a lot of people that think it is going directly to Orlando International. Some of the people were excited because they wanted to go to Walt Disney World. The catch with this is that if they flew into the main Orlando airport, they could receive free Disney Magical Express transportation to the Disney parks. While on Disney property, they can receive transportation throughout the property for free. Therefore, they would not need a rental car unless they wanted to go off Disney property. Just something to keep in mind if you were only planning to spend your time at Walt Disney World. If you wanted to go to Sea World, Universal, Busch Gardens, or the beaches, you would definitely need a rental car anyway – so flying into Sanford would be just fine. Just good to know all the information regarding this. But, thank you to Allegiant for believing in Duluth!

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