Buying local

Want to help the state’s economy?

Then buy and serve products — like artisan cheese, wine, craft beers and and locally grown apples — that were produced in Minnesota.

That’s the message coming today at a 10:30 a.m. news conference in Duluth, presented by Minnesota 2020, a progressive lobbying group. It will be held at Northern Waters Smokehaus which carries speciality foods produced in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

It’s no coincidence that the message comes just as the holiday shopping season is getting underway.

Buying these products will keep more jobs and money in the Minnesota economy at a time when the state really needs it, says John Van Hecke, executive director of Minnesota 2020.

According to Minnesota 2020, these industries generate more than $160 million in Minnesota annually. Minnesota breweries and wineries alone provide more than 550 jobs, the report says.

“A lot of these products are made with ingredients from here, keeping even more money in the community,” noted Nora Ferrell, a Minnesota 2020 spokeswoman.

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