Study: Twin Cities can’t support four pro teams

As the Minnesota Vikings prepare for a playoff run, Los Angeles prepares for a NFL team.

According to a study from, Minneapolis-St. Paul is one of 19 markets nationwide that is overextended in its number of professional sports teams. Los Angeles, however, has the largest capacity to support pro sports.

As Brett Favre throws touchdowns, rumors swirl of a possible Vikings move to Los Angeles, if a new stadium isn’t built in the Twin Cities.

In total personal income (TPI), the sum of all the money earned by all residents in a year, the Twin Cities has $154.59 billion, about $43.13 billion less than is needed to properly support the Vikings, Twins, Wild and Timberwolves.

Other overextended markets with teams in the four major sports: Denver at -$92 (Broncos, Avalance, Nuggets, Rockies, some MLS team I don’t know); Detriot at -$21 (Tigers, Pistons, Lions, Red Wings); Phoenix at -$49 (Suns, Cardinals, Coyotes, Diamondbacks).

Other overextended markets in the Midwest include: Milwaukee at -$56 (Bucks, Brewers); Green Bay at -$26 (Packers); St. Louis at -$44 (Blues, Rams, Cardinals); Cleveland at -$77 (Cavaliers, Browns, Indians); Indianapolis at -$6 (Colts, Pacers); Kansas City at -$57 (Chiefs, Royals, some MLS team); Cincinnati at -$40 (Bengals, Reds).

Remaining overextended markets: Nashville at -$13 (Titans, Predators); New Orleans at -$23(Saints, Hornets);  Pittsburgh at -$60(Steelers, Penguins, Pirates); Salt Lake City at -$9 (Jazz, some MLS team); San Francisco-Oakland at -$20 (Raiders/49ers, Warriors, Giants/Athletics);  Tampa at -$60 (Rays, Bucaneers, Lightning); Buffalo at -$33 (Bills, Sabres); Charlotte at -$7(Panthers, Bobcats).

10 thoughts on “Study: Twin Cities can’t support four pro teams

  1. This study is silly. So basically half of the markets in America are overextended. Which markets don’t have enough teams in their markets other than Los Angeles (football) that all of these teams are going to move to?

  2. So according to this report about half of all pro sports teams shouldn’t exist yet they do and survive. Also the Twins, Wild, Vikings and Timberwolves are Minnesota sports teams not twin cities sports teams. There are thousands of people from around the region that support these teams that do not live in the cities.

  3. Wild Game, 40 bucks, Twins game 50, Watching the Vikings load the semi’s and go to LA.. PRICELESS

  4. Maybe that’s a good arguement against OVERPAID athletes. If many of the markets cannot support these teams, and there aren’t available markets for them to go to, that leaves either decreasing the cost of having these sports teams (ie. ticket prices and such), or slimming down the number of teams the leagues have. Players with 100 million dollar contracts?? That’s just not necessary.

    And also, if one of these teams has to go, take the Timberwolves – PLEASE!! Does anyone watch basketball? Yuk.

  5. Get rid of the Timberwolves, period. Yes all teams go in slumps, but dang. They’ve lowered the bar for futility. Look at everything they do to try to fill seats, and they still can’t.

    The Twins and Vikings are part of MN history, and the Wild are one of the most fan-supported teams in the NHL.

    The simple test: Ask anyone to name five Timberwolves players. Even at their “prime” it would have been hard to get to #4.

  6. Hey! We will get a new stadium built for the Minnesota Vikings. All of the teams have Minnesota in their name, not Twin Cities. The Minnesota Twins will be in a new ballpark, Target Field. I think the study is ridiculous.

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