WDIO leads rating race

Northland households maintained the hierarchy of most-viewed late weekday newscasts in the November sweeps period.

The local ABC affiliate, WDIO-TV, remained the market leader with 12 rating points, the same mark as November 2008. The local NBC affiliate, KBJR-TV, came in second at 6 rating points, four fewer marks than a year previous. The local FOX affiliate, KQDS-TV, finished third at 5 rating points, one above November 2008.

This order — ABC, NBC, FOX — was consistent in the March, May, July and November 2009.

The biggest shift was KBJR’s fall from 10 rating points to six from November 2008 to November 2009.

A rating point, compiled by Nielsen Media, represents a percentage point of the number of households in the market watching a channel. There are about 173,000 households in the Northland market.

So at 10 p.m., WDIO had about 20,700 viewers, KBJR had 10,300 and KQDS had 8,600.

In the July rating period, fewer households tuned in to the late weekday newscasts, but those viewers appear to have slightly come back.

The market had 26 rating points in November, an improvement from 24 in July, but still beneath the 30 in November 2008.

The local competition was tighter during the early weekday newscasts. WDIO, channels 10 and 13, led with 14 at 6 p.m. and an 11 at 5 p.m. KBJR, channels 6 and 11, posted a 10 at both 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. KQDS, channel 21, does not have an early evening newscast.

KDHL-TV, the CBS affiliate on channel 3, registered a 3 at both 5:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.

On a national level, NBC Nightly News edged ABC World News 13-12, with CBS Evening News lagging at 3.

20 thoughts on “WDIO leads rating race

  1. So the local news is so bad across the board that 3 points-worth of people just stopped watching the news altogether.

  2. The drop on NBC’s side was likely due to the whole Jay Leno fiasco as an uproar and severely depressed ratings from the affiliates is the reason they are canceling Leno’s primetime show.

  3. Too bad she has rely on looks and not talent. They have other better talent and looks there. Sandy is very professional as well as Katie.

  4. Leno may be a factor with NBC, but their ratings started dropping way before that late-night change. Their newscasts are shoddy – and as they endlessly point out, they repeat those poor-quality shows over and over each day.

  5. NBC’s ratings may have started dropping, but it was nothing compared to what happened after Leno started his primetime embarrassment. To try to pin it on anything other than the Leno debacle is ludicrous. The ratings dropoff was sudden and significant and it began with Leno’s move.

  6. A lot of NBC affiliates are blaming Jay Leno for lousy ratings for their newscasts. Clearly Michelle Lee is a horrible news anchor. Kevin Jacobson is not much better. I would not be surprised if they fire their news director. Fox 21 did better than My9’s “Northland’s NewsCenter Tonight”, yet because of that dope for a general manager, they fired their news director. If FOX 21 had a 10 pm newscast, they would have done better than KBJR and KDLH combined.

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  10. Drama queen? Sarah Frakes doesn’t act like a drama queen on the news, at least what we all see on TV. I find that hard to believe unless visual evidence shows that Sarah Frakes acts like a drama queen.

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