Unions to picket Sappi

Unhappy with the latest contract offer, union workers will host an informational picket today of Cloquet’s Sappi Fine Paper.

Representatives from the steelworkers and papermakers unions will have the picket during a company party at 5 p.m. today at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.

"It’s an unfair contract,"  said worker Mike Mrkonjick, who called the newspaper to tell us about the picket. "It’s a substandard offer."

The contentious contractual points, Mrkonjick said, are pension, medical and wages.

"We are miles apart on those," he said.

The unions voted against the company’s last offer in December.

6 thoughts on “Unions to picket Sappi

  1. It’s funny what these union hacks think is standard.

    Wages and benefits are like goods and services, the price of which is determined by the free market.

  2. hey be thankful you got a job I bet your insurance is cheaper than mine. I pay about $490 a month ibet your pay is much higher. I want to work for sappi I’d be happy with a 200 a month premium. I’d be happy with any retirement better than mine, mine? the company quit contibuting too. so don’t picket your lucky to get what they offer. this just shows union entitlements or what they think there entitled to.

  3. My employer just sent my job overseas and fired me. I’ll work for Sappi for 80% of their last offer. I can start next month.

  4. SAPPI workers must fight to hang on to benefits that are disappearing at almost every employer in this area. They are not complaining, they just want to do better for their families without putting the company (SAPPI) in a non-competitive position. They have been through this before and they know a fair solution will be the result.

  5. I think it’s pathetic what the union is doing. Just look at the economic condition of this country with record unemployment and paper companies shutting down plants left and right and they have the guts to shoot down a contract with guaranteed raises and a pension increase, not to mention the better wording the union wanted…oh yeah and no concessions. I know a couple Sappi workers and I would LOVE to have their pay and benefits, hell, I would love to just have a job! Where do they get off thinking they have this entitlement? Unions are ruining this country and sending more and more businesses overseas. They won’t be happy until no one has a job.

  6. The unions really did a great job protecting GM employees. Oh wait, they went bankrupt. Yeah that worked out really well.

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