No sale yet for Vista King

The Vista King cruise ship hasn’t been sold yet.

The News Tribune reported last month that the owners of the Vista Fleet which operates harbor cruises out of Duluth and Superior, were considering selling its oldest of three cruise boats to streamline operations.

The Vista King, which can carry 200 passengers, had been the fleet’s workhorse, doing most of the sightseeing tours.

“It doesn’t fit in with our plan,” spokesman John Goldfine had said of the Vista King.

So far, they haven’t actively tried to sell the Vista King nor is it listed for sale anywhere, Goldfine said this week.

But no active servcie is planned for Vista King in Duluth. It’s no longer included on the Vista Fleet’s website under "The Boats of the Vista Fleet" as are the other two fleet boats, Vista Queen and Vista Star. It’s not part of upcoming season’s cruise offerings. And Goldfine confirmed they have no plans to use the Vista King. 

The boat is currently docked in Superior.

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