Wind Turbine Syndrome sufferers losing sleep

And I was worried about the birds.

The push toward wind power to generate electricity has become a national priority. Giant wind turbines are going up as utility companies, including Minnesota Power, are hustling to meet new environmental standards and state mandates to reduce their greenhouse emissions.

Surely, going green is a good thing, right?

While some of us worry about the danger the massive wind systems pose to birds, another problem is looming that’s being called " Wind Turbine Syndrome."

The turbines are generally built in remote rural areas. But the pulsing noise from them is causing problems for people living near them: headaches, dizziness and sleep deprivation, leading to irritability, trouble concentrating and short-term memory loss, the Wall Street Journal reported this week. The symptoms have been reported by people around the world where wind turbines have been built.

It took moving at least five miles away for people to find relief. And with tens of thousands of wind turbines yet to be built, chances are they’ll be located closer to populated areas, affecting more people, the Journal reported.


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