The Pickle Bill

Well, now, this one’s for a very select audience.

Pickling-for-profit just got easier in Wisconsin.

Thanks to a new state law, People who prepare and can pickles at home and sell them at farmers markets, bazaars and other community events in Wisconsin no longer need to have a license.

The new law applies to those who can pickles, jams, jellies and salsa and take in less than $5,000 a year from the sales.

When selling their goods, these pickle-packing entrepreneurs still must display a sign saying their canned goods are homemade and not subject to state inspection. And they need to label each jar with the name of the preparer, date of canning and the list of ingredients.

The new law even outs the playing field with Minnesota’s homegrown picklers. If they take in less than $5,000 a year in gross receipts, they don’t have to get a license, either. But the license break in Minnesota applies to more foods that are not considered potentially hazardous: cakes, cookies, fruit pies, breads, maple syrup and lefse.



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  1. If anyone has questions about the pickle bill in MN or other farmers’ market food sales regulatory requirements in MN, please contact Jim Topie, Food Inspector III of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Dairy and Food Inspection Division here in Duluth at: 218-728-7315.

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