Trashy ways

Now that much of the snow has melted, have you noticed all the litter along the roadways?

Instead of shaking your head and complaining, try this:

When you head out for a walk, grab a bag and maybe some work gloves and pick up some of that trash along the way. Toss it in a public trash receptacle or your own receptable when you get home. For extra credit recycle those cans and plastic.

Just image the difference if an army of us did this!

So what’s this got to do with business or consumer issues?

A community that cares enough to keep the streetscape clean and well kempt is more attractive to businesses.

More importantly, it makes for a more desirable place to live, one that’s safer for children, animals and the environment. It builds community pride and leads to more efforts to spiff-up the neighborhood.

And imagine, it can all start with picking up some trash.

7 thoughts on “Trashy ways

  1. Funny, I suggested the same thing to someone on the Buzz Blog who was whining about having to walk through trash as she walked through people’s privat property (to litter their doorstep with junk mail, anyone else see the irony here?). I think it’s an excellnt idea and one I have followed through with a couple times in the last week.

  2. My wife and I have been doing this exact thing for years. We love to walk….and several times during the Spring/Summer/Fall we’ll each grab a plastic shopping bag and each fill up our bag. That way we not only get a walk but feel good about improving our environment.

    It’s such a shame to see all the trash that people throw out….unbelieveable.

    Years ago, one of our neighbors took a vacation and left her teenage son home alone. Well of course he had a few parties. Personally, having been a teenager once I had no real problem with that as long as they stayed at the house and didn’t drive….which they didn’t. However, a few days later I was 4-wheeling on some trails a mile or so from our home and saw a few bags of trash that somebody had dumped. One of the bags was ripped open in a few places due to I assume having been thrown off a moving 4-wheeler. I dug into the trash (lots of beer bottles, cigarette buts and paper type trash) until I found what I figured I might….an envelope with my neighbors name/address on it. This really torked me….so I hauled both bags back to my home and the next night under cover of darkness went over and put both bags right on top of this kids car hood….complete with a few things spilling out of the rips in the bag.

    I wish I could have been around when he came out in the morning. I can only hope he got the message.

  3. One of the more common items I see lying on the side of the street is the Budgeteer in a plastic bag. At what point does one deem that litter and not a to-be-collected newspaper? At what point does Forum get the hint that the residence in question does not want to receive the rag, so the publisher can stop littering the streets?

  4. @ Ted: My sister lives next to an area high school, and about 8 years ago I was outside on the porchswing waiting for my neice and nephew to get home, and watched one of the highschoolers trow some trash out of his car into her yard when he was leaving for the day. I picked it up, and the next day while he was in school I duct taped it to his hood ornament with a note stating I had his plate number and if I caught him doing it again I would call the police. After that, I even saw him pick up a few pieces of garbage that were lying in the gutter and weren’t his trash. Sometimes it takes something like that to get the point across. =)

  5. Yup, I see it, RS. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s coming from that particular person however.

  6. I pick up trash every spring along our avenue just because I’m so tired of looking at other people’s junk. I may be the only person driving through Lakeside who does not feel the need to fling MacDonald’s bags and drink containers out my car window. A few years ago a neighbor stopped her car to thank me, so that (and the cleaner street) made me feel self-righteous for about an hour. Good stuff!torr

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