Cirrus owner plays Cirrus executive in Google movie

When last weekend’s tryouts for the "Twin Ports Google Movie" failed to produce a convincing actor to play the part of the Cirrus Aircraft executive, producers looked to the Duluth-based company for the real thing.

They wanted an actual Cirrus executive.

Who better than Dale Klapmeier, the owner, co-founder and chairman of the board himself? The airplane manufacturer is all for the local Google initiative and Klapmeier was game.

The film crew was at Cirrus facility Thursday filming him.

"They are here right now, Todd Simmons, the company’s marketing director, said Thursday afternoon. "Dale is out there playing the role."

The Cirrus executive is one of seven speaking parts in the 20- to 30-minute movie being made to help convince Google to choose Duluth-Superior as a test market for its super high-speed fiber-optic service. But the part only has one line which discouraged many would-be actors to try out for the part.

Producter Jeff Reasbeck had contacted Cirrus last week about filming there. When he didn’t find an actor for the executive part, he again turned to Cirrus.

The company’s marketing department got involved, ready to help. But they wanted the person playing the executive to be authentic. The real McCoy. And Klapmeier willingly obliged.

"He was excited to be in it," Simmons said.  



6 thoughts on “Cirrus owner plays Cirrus executive in Google movie

  1. did he go on the floor and fire half his employees, or is this spot for google a fiction?

  2. Fire or Lay-off, there is a big difference. I myself have been laid off a couple times but I understand its part of business. If everyone kept their jobs in down times the entire company risks going under then 100% of employees would be out of a job.

    I predict this will be the start of many “hate comments” so bring them on.

  3. Fly High must be under the assumption that when the demand for a product crashes, it is the business owner’s duty to keep all staff on, even though money to pay them is no longer coming in.

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