Will Duluth have a mega airlines?

Sure, we could speculate on what would happen to United Airlines’ service in Duluth IF the big merger happens.

But it’s far too early for that. The news just broke — thanks to The New York Times — that United Airlines parent company, UAL Corporation, is in heavy duty merger talks with US Airways.

Very hush hush.

But if successful, the resulting single airline would be one of the biggest in the world. That means hub airports galore to get you where you want to go. United has hubs in Chicago, Denver and Washington D.C. US Airways has hubs in Philadelphia, Phoenix and Charlotte, N.C.

And just think. United just started Duluth service in December with non-stop Chicago flights. Up against firmly-established Delta Air Lines (formerly Northwest Airlines) in Duluth, observers said it would take community support (meaning fly United) that critical first year to keep them in Duluth.

United Airlines and U.S Airways are eager to merge to cut costs and increase efficiencies and have tried several times in the last decade to work out a merger agreement, according to the New York Times.

Who can blame them?

We can  — and do — complain about service, delays and being charged extra fees. But the truth is the airline industry has had a rough decade struggling with high fuel costs, the recession and fewer passengers. To increase revenue, they’re reduced capacity and resorted to charging for meals and bags.

Affects locally of a possible merger between United and US Airways aren’t known. But when Delta merged with Northwest last year, its Duluth flights were largely unaffected.


2 thoughts on “Will Duluth have a mega airlines?

  1. No service problem with Delta taking over NWA? Wrong! I use World Perks miles at least 4-5 times a year flying out of DLH, no problem. Delta came in, got rid of flights, and finding seats now on Delta using Skymiles is a joke. They also charge higher fees and miles than Northwest did. I flew to Europe last fall on WP miles. It would have been more costly to use Delta, so I transferred the miles back to NWA.com and got more flights options and lower costs using NWA.com. This Delta take over is terrible for flyers.

  2. I hate Delta. I am a Silver Medallion Elite flyer, and it’s still miserable flying Delta, that would totally suck if I didn’t have my Elite status, they’d really treat me poorly. I miss NWA. I’m going to start flying whichever airline is cheapest and however I can get somewhere on a direct flight, the frequent flyer perks for loyal customers are a joke, as Matt above says. Seems to me, the bigger the airline, the worse it becomes.

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