Avoiding directory assistance charges

I admit I was a little miffed when I got my Qwest bill this week for my land-line phone and saw a $1.99 charge for a directory assistance call.

I thought we were allowed a few free calls a month. It’s not the $2, it’s the principle of the thing.

For once, I had the time, so I called to check it out, ready for a fight.

Before long I was talking to an ACTUAL person who was ACTUALLY helpful. He explained that the allowance used to exist but was eliminated years ago.

(I guess I was busy and missed it).

Turns out, every Qwest directory asistance call in Minnesota — whether one is seeking a local number or a long distance number — is charged $1.99. Some states served by Qwest still allow an allowance of free directory assistance calls, but Minnesota isn’t one of them, he said. Qwest doesn’t serve Wisconsin.

At this point, the rep’s help escalated to extra credit. He clued me in on what HE does when he’s looking for a number. He calls 1-800-373-3411, a free directory assistance service. You just have to listen to a short recorded advertisement first, he said. He stumbled on this voice automated service called FREE411 on the Internet.

Of course, if you have access to the Internet at the time you need a number, you might find your number that way.


3 thoughts on “Avoiding directory assistance charges

  1. But what do you do when you have not made the directory assistance calls in the first place? I was regularly being charged multiple times per month when in fact I know I did not make those calls. Qwest could not give me details of the charges or when the calls were made or to whom. After months of problems and continuing charges I filed a complaint with the Attorney General,Then Qwest finally refunded my account for MONTHS of false charges. And then I changed my carrier.

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