City’s tourism taxes on upward roll

Good news from the city of Duluth suggests the local economic recovery is, indeed, underway.

The March totals for tourism taxes are in. And they show an uptick seen earlier this year is continuing.

March hotel/motel and food/beverage tax collections were up 4.7 percent over the same month a year ago, according to city data. The increase in collections in the first three months also was up 4.7 percent compared to a year ago, for a total increase of nearly $69,000.

But the really good news is collections are continuing to come in over budget, bringing in a total of $77,317 more than the city expected for the year’s first quarter.

Call it an unexpected bonus.

City Treasurer Brian Hansen kept any excitement in check, however. He described the increases as “moderate” and indicative of some stabilization after the recession’s impact.

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  1. totally off topic- what happen with Google? figured that this is the business blog you may know it was to be the new “savior” of Duluth just like the Air Bus, the Kroc center, the Encoding Center, The safe Harbour etc ,etc

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