Please, Google, decide soon

Good grief, when will this end?

Is it just me or has this rah-rah Duluth campaign to get Google to bring its faster-than-the-speed-of-light Internet service to Duluth been going on a bit too long?

(Sure, it would be great to become the next Silicon Valley… Oh, wait, what happened to Silicon Valley?)

So Tuesday, while hearing about the latest ideas of the Twin Ports Google initiative team (I pulled the short straw) to keep the "excitement" alive even though Duluth’s bid went to Google two months ago, I asked the burning question: When will Google decide?

"We’re still waiting," said an upbeat Chris Swanson, CEO of PureDriven, the initiative’s project manager. "I don’t know if we’re one of the five finalists. Google is tellilng us they will pick by the end of the year. They may have multiple cities."

My heart sank. I silently groaned, thinking about seven more months of fiber "excitement" and fiber stories.

But he raised my hopes when he added: "We think we’ll hear something formally by the end of June."

I sure hope so.