Duluth breweries in state’s Top 10

Craft breweries in Duluth’s did well in this year’s Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal’s list of the Top 25 breweries.

Fitger’s Brewhouse came in No. 7, moving up one from its No. 8 ranking last year, while the Lake Superior Brewing Co. was No. 10, compared to No. 9 last year.

The rankings are based on the number of barrels produced in 2009.

A huge gap separates the state’s oldest and largest breweries — August Schell Brewing Co. of New Ulm with 93,000 barrels, Cold Spring Brewery of Cold Spring with 89,000 barrels and Summit Brewing Co, of St. Paul with 898,000 barrels — and the smaller craft breweries that follow on the list. Most of the other craft breweries produced less than 4,000 barrels.

Fitgers produced 2,500 barrels last year, including pale ale, saison, port, stout, bitter, porter, lager hefeweizen and pilsner. Lake Superior Brewing Co produced 1,600 barrels, including kolsch, bock, hefeweizen, stout, pale ale, oatmeal stout, amber ale, brown ale.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Boathouse Brewpub and Restaurant in Ely, ranked 17th. In 2009, the Boathouse produced 120 barrels, including various ales and stouts.


2 thoughts on “Duluth breweries in state’s Top 10

  1. Ranking breweries on the basis of the volume of beer produced is nearly worthless. The fact some large brewery like New Ulm puts out thousands of barrels, or a mega brewery like Miller or Bud puts out millions, merely shows that cheap, bland tasting beer sells to the masses. One of the best breweries in the midwest is the former Twin Ports Brewery (now called the Thristy Pagen Brewery — which the stupidest name). Give me a small outfit that brews quality, tastful beer any day, over the giant guys that pour out swill water.

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