Gas prices jump


It just got more expensive at the the pump. The average price of gas in Minnesota jumped 16.4 cents per gallon in the last week.

16.4 cents….in one week!

In Minnesota, the average price is $2.75 per gallon for regular, according to In other words, Minnesota has caught up with the national average which is currently $2.74 per gallon. Just a month ago, Minnesota’s price averaged 13 cents less a gallon than the national average.

Both state and national prices are up 17 cents from a month ago.

In Duluth, prices on Monday also were hovering around $2.75 per gallon. But you can find some stations charging $2.67 per gallon, including the M&H at 1230 W. Michigan St. and the Holiday and Spur stations at 27th Avenue West near Michigan Street that are always battling it out.

You can find some of the highest prices right now in Grand Marais where some stations are charging $2.87 per gallon.