No tenant yet for Ace Hardware site

“There’s not one thing left,” said Mark Jeronimus, owner of Ace Hardware in downtown Duluth.

Make that the former Ace Hardware in downtown Duluth.

After a seven-week liquidation sale ended Saturday, the shelves were bare at the store which closed for good Saturday.

“They said it would take seven weeks and two days, they beat it by two days,” said a tired Jeronimus who hadn’t had a day off in for two months.

Even the fixtures were being removed on Monday.

There were several retailers interested in picking up the remainder of the lease as the sale began in late April. But so far nobody has signed, Jeronimus said.

He said representatives of the Ace Hardware have been in a few times, including 10 days ago making detailed measurements for a floor plan. And another interested party was scheduled to visit the store with a broker on Monday.

Jeronimus remains optimistic that another business will move in this year.

“The rent is very reasonable,” he said. “It’s a good quality building, right between major banks.”