Summer steals

Sure, you want to buy that patio furniture, a new swimsuit, maybe even a swing set for the kids now. But if you’re looking for great bargains, don’t.

At least not just yet.

Rather, think indoors if you want to find big savings.

According to Kiplinger reports, right now is a great time to find deals on gym memberships. There’s a tsunami of sign-ups around the first of the year, thanks to all those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. The other big time for new members is in the fall. But during the summer business nosedives and rates fall.

Furniture prices are at their lowest in July. That’s because stores have to make room for the new furniture which arrives in showrooms in August. So look for major furniture sales this month.

Heading for New York? You can get up to 50 percent off on Broadway shows right now because it’s live theater’s slow time. And, it’s the lull before the new season starts in the fall.

As summer wears on, focus on those outdoor items to find bargains, the Kiplinger report suggests.

By mid-July, you’ll start to see markdowns on as retailers start clearing out their inventory. Look for downright steals on outdoor furniture in August.

August also is best time to buy outdoor toys — swimming gear, swing sets, beach toys and other outdoor fun items. Expect discounts reaching 75 percent.

Some of the lowest prices for school and office supplies also can be found in August. So it’s a good time to stock up, whether you have a little one heading back to school or not.

Produce is a great buy all summer long, thanks to the abundant supply and variety of fruits and vegetables.