Allegiant Air gets more kudos

It seems that Allegiant Air can do no wrong.

With its flights to fun destinations like Las Vegas, Orlando and Phoenix, Allegiant gets people there quickly and cheaply with its direct flights and low fares.

One local man who moved to Florida but often returns to the Northland sings Allegiant’s praises.He’s been happy with every flight so far. A local woman, who has become a Florida snowbird, said "Allegiant has become our new best friend."

Moreover, Allegiant’s Duluth service — that began with direct Las Vegas flights in 2006 and expanded with flights to Orlando-Sanford International Airport in November — is a big reason why passenger totals are up at the Duluth International Airport.

Now, confirming our sense that Allegiant is doing something right comes Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine naming Allegiant as the Top-Performing Airline in the low-cost/niche category" this year.

Allegiant was chosen as "Top-Performing Airline" in its category for its financial health and its ability to capitalize on opportunities and to thrive despite the global economic ecrisis. That’s due in no small part to good company leadership, the publication indicated.

Unfortunately, Allegiant’s annual fall suspension of its Orlando service from early September to mid-November in some markets, will include Duluth this year. But maybe that’s one of those smart business decisions that keeps Allegiant thriving.

After all, it is the slowest time of the year for those Orlando flights.