East End McDonald’s closed for reconstruction

If you’re near Interstate 35 and 21st Avenue East and hankering for a Big Mac or a McCafe Mocha, keep driving.

We told you a few weeks ago that McDonald’s on London Road and 21st Avenue East would be closed, demolished and rebuilt into a hip new look.

McDonald’s management was keeping mum on exactly when that would be, saying it’s up to corporate. But it looked like work would begin this month.

It has.

The restaurant has closed — apparently over the weekend — and workers converged on the site today, including a tall crane, a refrigeration company and a moving truck to move items out, I assume.

A sign says “Closed visit us in October.”

That’s on target with what officials said: the total makeover would take three months.

With McDonald’s move to healthier offerings and specialty coffee drinks, the chain is going for a new Starbucks-like look where people are encouraged to linger with their laptops with computer outlets provided.

The new look will feature more subdued lighting, sleek counters for dining and watching cable news on flat-screened TVs, a lounge area and the more typical booth seating. All that hard, plastic seating will be gone in favor of more comfortable fabric–covered seats. The exterior also will have a contemporary new look and new landscaping.

The confusing entrances and exits to the parking lot and the drive-through of this McDonald’s should be improved as well.