Gas up 10 cents a gallon

Whoa, when did that happen?

While we were enjoying the beautiful October weather, the price of gas crept up an average of 9.5 cents a gallon last week in Minnesota, according to

The state average on Monday was $2.90 per gallon for regular. That makes us average, because that’s what gas is going for at many gas stations in Duluth.

Cheapest gas — $2.72 per gallon — was found at a Maple Grove Costco while the most expensive —$3.19 per gallon — was found at a Mobil station in St. Paul, the gasoline price tracking website found.

For more to grumble about, consider this: Gas prices went up more in Minnesota last week than they did nationwide; we’re paying more than the $2.81 per gallon national average; and a year ago, we were paying 47 cents less per gallon.

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