Johnson Bros. Furniture is not closing

Don’t be fooled by those big signs announcing  “Calling It Quits! Retirement Sale” on the sides of Johnson Bros. Furniture in Duluth.

Ditto for the “You Win! We lose! Calling It Quits!” banner in the front of the store at 1832 W. Superior St., with announcements of 40, 50, 60 and 70 percent off.

The furniture store, long a fixture on West Superior Street in Lincoln Park is not closing. Nor are the family-owned company’s other stores in Superior and Cloquet.

I checked it out in September when the signs first went up. There’s been a big sale going on there ever since. While the store manager I talked to then said the store was, indeed, closing, other store staff said they had not been given any notice that they would soon be out of jobs.

Skeptical, I tracked down owner Larry Johnson at the Cloquet store.

“None of the stores are closing,” he said.

And the big retirement? That would be his father, co-owner Don Johnson, who’s retiring at age 83.

But the 93-year-old business will go on.

If the store was closing, after three generations of operation, that would be news. But since it wasn’t, I let it go.

But people continue to be misled by the signs and wonder why the News Tribune hasn’t done a story on a longtime Lincoln Park furniture store closing.

Cause it’s not.

5 thoughts on “Johnson Bros. Furniture is not closing

  1. Pretty lame way to try to attract customers. Ranks right up there with the Oriental Rug dealer’s shinanigans. Tricking customers doesn’t seem like a good way to do business. A long-standing store like Johnson Bros tugs at the community’s collective heartstrings when we see that they are throwing in the towel after so many decades. Then to learn that it is merely a play on words and only a sale announcement? Tasteless and unfortunately might backfire and send shoppers to the large chain stores up the hill.

  2. I read the article and saw nothing untruthful… Nor shady. The signs say “retiring… Calling it quits” No false ad there… Lighten up… Buy something or don’t.

  3. Hey Scott, the signs and ads are saying that they are closing the doors on the business for good so please be respectful to the ppl that might be mislead by this

    • Patrick and others: Please note that since this blog was posted the Johnson Bros. Furniture sale has changed from a retirement sale to an actual closing sale. This was the subject of a Feb. 8 blog here and a Feb. 14 story in the Business Monday section of the News Tribune.

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