Free money for ABBA concert-goers

Those going to the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra ABBA concert Saturday at the DECC will get a bonus.

Crisp $2 bills. No strings attached. Honest to God.

The National Bank of Commerce will give $2 bills to each person attending the ABBA Mania performance Saturday at the DECC. It’s all part of the bank’s annual sponsorship of the symphony’s February pops concert.

Since one of ABBA’s hits was “Money, Money, Money,” the bank thought it would be a nice tie-in to give away money, says Joe Konradt, the bank’s president.

“Plus, this appeals to more people than our first idea — to provide free admission to anyone named Fernando,” he said in a prepared statement.

Indeed, can’t be many Fernandos around.

So if all the 2,266 seats are filled at Saturday’s concert at Symphony Hall, the bank would be out $4,532. The bank also plans to give away another $500 through an ABBA quiz it will post on its website Saturday evening. Entrants can take the quiz at and submit their answers until Friday, Feb. 18.

2 thoughts on “Free money for ABBA concert-goers

  1. The concert was wonderful! The Duluth orchestra and ABBA were fenominal! Our family drove to Duluth from the MINNEAPOLIS TO HEAR THIS CONCERT. WE ALL LOVE ABBA MUSIC!

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