Gas prices jump 27 cents in a week

Whoa, when did this happen?

Gas jumped 27 cents in the week ending Monday which is more than the 17 cents increase nationwide. Right now, gas is more expensive in Minnesota, averaging $3.44 per gallon, than the national average of $3.38 per gallon.

According to, the average cost of a gallon of gas in Minnesota on Monday was up 29 cents more than a month ago and 74 cents more than a year ago.

So why is this happening?

People in the know say it’s because of the increasing demand for gas worldwide as other countries, like China, start their love affairs with cars. Other reasons: a tight supply of gasoline and the rising cost of oil by the barrel. And they say, prices will continue to rise.

Looking for a deal?

In Duluth today, the cheapest gas is $3.34 per gallon found at the Canal Park Market, at Harbor City Oil at 3020 W. Superior St. , the Spur near the 27th Avenue West freeway exit and, as always, the M&H at 1230 W. Michigan St.

The most expensive is $3.49 per gallon at the SuperAmerica at 5310 E. Superior St., according to the website. But be warned, prices could change any minute.

(2:30 p.m. update: Just drove past the  27th Avenue West Spur station and gas is now $3.49 per gallon, same as the Holiday station across the street. Down Michigan Street,  gas at the M&H is now $3.44 per gallon… So chances are others have raised their prices as well).

If you’re looking for the best deal in the state, head north. The cheapest gas is $3.23 per gallon at the Lucky 7 in Chisholm. Other good deals: Murphy USA in Hibbing for $3.25 per gallon and Murphy USA in Cloquet for $3.29.

(Again, there’s a good chance these prices also have gone up).

4 thoughts on “Gas prices jump 27 cents in a week

  1. Do get a chuckle over the general uproar on gas prices. If one accounted for inflation, price of gasoline today compared to 1981 in the first Reagan term would $3.24 per gallon. In other words, hasn’t changed much at all over the past 30 years.

  2. I don’t care what the media says…there is no valid reason for prices jumping 27 cents in a week. The gas in the stations tanks were bought at the lower price per barrel…so who is making a profit?

  3. “…People in the know say it’s because of the increasing demand for gas worldwide as other countries, like China, start their love affairs with cars…”
    Like any thinking person is going to believe that. The reason is the tree huggers running our government and not allowing Americans to drill where there’s oil. “People in the know”… LOL, oxymoron when it comes to government or MSM.

  4. What I’d like to know is, if we get our gas from Canada and Mexico, why do we care about the price per barrel from the Middle East? My solution would be quit driving, stay home from work for 1-2 days, truckers included, and see what that does to the gas prices.

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