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Glancing through ShopKo’s advertising flyer for the week, Jill Schoon stopped when she saw the “buy one, get one for one cent” offer on canning supplies.

An avid canner,  it was an offer the Duluth woman couldn’t pass up.

So on Monday, she sent a friend to the Duluth ShopKo to get a couple of cases of 12 wide-mouth, quart jars for her. Since they typically sell for about $10 a case, she’d get two for the price of one.

What a deal.

After the purchase, she asked her friend how much he had paid for the jars. He said $19.99 for the first case, a penny for the second.

She was incredulous by such an inflated price for one case of canning jars. So she did a little digging. She called a few stores and asked them how much they were charging. She found the following prices for similar cases of 12 quart-size canning jars:

r L&M Supply in Cloquet: $10.29.

r Target in Duluth, $10.49.

r Kmart by Miller Hill Mall,  $11.49 (with lids included).

And one more time for emphasis:

r ShopKo: $19.99 (no lids included).

“Those jars to be double the price is absolutely outrageous, because when you see that, you think you’re going to get a deal,” Schoon told the News Tribune Tuesday.

She said she called the Duluth ShopKo and talked to a manager who said he would pass on her complaint to the chain’s corporate office which apparently sets the week’s “sales.”

It’s deceptive advertising, she insists.

“It meant you would get a deal; I feel cheated and deceived,” said Schoon, warning others to watch those “sale” prices.

8 thoughts on “ShopKo deal no deal

  1. So you paid for 2 of them. The same price as you would pay for 2 at another store. Whats the big deal? Quit complaining.

    • The woman’s point is she got two for the price of two, rather than two for the price of one, as one would assume from the ad.

  2. If it’s not 80 percent off at Shopko, you’re paying full price, or more. Their pricing structure should be the subject of an attorney general’s investigation.

  3. I went to the Duluth shopko on saturday afternoon and I found a great deal on TP 24 for 12.99 with a bonus 6 rolls.. There were packages of 24 and packages of 6 next to the sign. I put both in my cart finished my shopping and went to check out. they ring up my TP and it comes to 18 something I tell the cashier about the sign she calls someone and I am then told there were packages of 30 and I missed out and there are no rain checks.. needless to say I didn’t buy anything.. Shopko is a joke.

  4. Wait a minute. $19.99 for the first case, plus a penny for the second, is $20.00 even or $10.00 per case of 12 jars. Though I went to a public school, that still figures out to be the best deal in town, versus Kmart, Target or L&M. Granted, Shopko didn’t put the price in their Ad — there’s no law that says they have to. They did nothing legally wrong, but there is an element of ‘Gotcha’ here though, with Shopko’s neglecting to say the price of the first case is essentially the same as two cases anywhere else. What Shopko’s executives have done is show that they are happy to play a little ‘bait and swich’ in their selling and advertisements. If they continue to be this cute, they will eventually lose a larger share of their regular clientele (the sale watchers and coupon clippers), than they already have. Target, Kmart, Walmart and L&M thank you. And kudo’s to the Twn Ports Business blog for shining a light on it!

  5. I bought my canning jars at Shopko and they did come with lids. When I do the math, they are still cheaper than competitors because I only pd 19.99 plus a penny for 2! Which makes buying 2 cheaper than the prices listed for 1…each case I bought ended up being 10 dollars!

  6. I’m not surprise (or offended) by the pricing. I’ve worked retail many years, and its not Shopko. I’m also an avid coupon clipper, and I have a good base-line for pricing schemes, especially when national coupons (like the P&G insert) comes out. When i’ve worked retail, I’ve seen prices normal for months, inflate for a week or so, then go ‘on sale’ (back to their normal price). Its all done in compliance with the laws, and they can work it to their benefit. lets talke P&G coupon, I’ll use an example here – lets say bodywash goes for $2.99 and the MFG coupon of a b1g1 comes out (buy 1 get 1 free) and it has max value of $3.99 on the coupon. The store – will up their price to $3.99 a week before, and during the promotion coupon period (which usually runs a month) as they can get $3.99 for the item and reimbursed by P&G. Then – guess what, next month.. we are back to $2.99. The store can set any price they want, it’s their choosing and what they consider a ‘sale’, is really at question. What the consumer needs to know is – what is the average price in the market. Which is also why we need to shop more than one grocery store..

  7. Candace, in your own words, the ad said buy one, get one for a penny. It did not say 2 for 1. You know what they say about assuming…

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