Walgreens opens in October

So what’s up with the new Walgreens store on East Superior Street in Duluth?

It sure looks done, inside and out. Lights are ablazing at night. The parking lot is paved and marked. The landscaping is done. Even the big Walgreens sign is up.

The holdup must be in the details.

“We hope to have it open in October,” Walgreens spokesman Robert Elfinger said today.

Exactly when, he couldn’t say. But when moving day comes, it’ll be a moving night. Literally.

“The old Walgreens would close one day, the new store would open the next day,” he said.

The new store, at Superior Street and 12th Avenue East, is 16,000 square feet. That’s bigger than the current Walgreens store that is 1 1/2 blocks to the east and farther from the city’s medical district. Unlike the current store, the new store will have drive-through prescription pickup.