The new Walgreens opens Friday

Walgreens officials had been downright secretive about the opening date for the new Walgreens store on Duluth’s East Superior Street.

But now they’re talking.  It will be this Friday, Oct. 14.

For weeks the new Walgreens,  which replaces an existing store 1½ blocks up the street, looked pretty much done, down to the landscaping. That prompted many to wonder when it would finally open.

But now the new shelving is getting rapidly stocked with merchandise that’s been shipped in or brought over from the old store where shelves are emptying.

That old store – which I had thought was just fine —  is now looking pretty shabby in comparison. It’s dwarfed by the new store which is  bigger, cleaner and neater. And at night it’s actually aglow, sitting prominently on its slightly elevated site at East Superior and 12th Avenue East near the city’s medical district.

Employees say they’re excited, though the big Thursday night move will be a logistics challenge or maybe even a nightmare. Plans are for the 24-hour business not to close. Business will simply shift overnight from the old to the new store. Once the new store opens Friday morning, the old store will close for good.


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