Taste of Saigon is alive & well

When we reported that the Saigon Cafe on West First Street in downtown Duluth had closed, the other Saigon restaurant in Canal Park started getting phone calls.

And they weren’t all for takeout.

Callers asked whether the Taste of Saigon restaurant was still open. It was an easy mistake to make for those who just glanced at the headline, “Duluth’s Saigon Cafe closes” or didn’t read the Nov. 8 story carefully.

“They didn’t distinguish between the two Saigons,” said manager Duy Nguyen. “Word got around that the Saigon had closed.”

But a month-and-a-half later, the calls continue. People walk by the restaurant in the DeWitt-Seitz Building and happily say, “I’m so glad you’re still here, ” or they say, “Oh, I thought you were closing.”

“We say , ‘No, no, no,’ ” Nguyen said, in response to the closing comments.

So be assured, the Taste of Saigon at 394 S. Lake Ave., is still open and doing just fine.

And the other Saigon restaurant at 114 W. First St.? A Giant Panda Chinese restaurant is supposed to open there.