Jimmy John’s makes its move

Fans of Jimmy John’s at the Plaza strip mall in Duluth are going without their gourmet sandwiches today. The restaurant closed for good today at its 1221 E. Superior St. location.

But don’t despair. The sandwiches will continue.

Jimmy John’s new shop across the street at the Plaza Shopping Mall is ready to go. The restaurant’s closing is just temporary so the business can move across the street to its new space. It reopens at its new Plaza mall location at 10 a.m. Tuesday, sandwiched between the old Mr. Movies space and Great Harvest Bread Co.

The new digs look very much like the old shop, long and narrow backed with a brick wall, except it’s a bit smaller.

The restaurant’s exit from the strip mall, comes on the heels of the closing of Plaza Hair Stylists and the move of Anytime Fitness to a new location a few blocks away. That leaves a State Farm insurance agency and the Beijing Restaurant the lone tenants of the strip mall. Eventually, they’ll move out, and the mall will be razed to make way for a CVS pharmacy.

4 thoughts on “Jimmy John’s makes its move

  1. JJ’s needs to move up on the hill. There are no sandwich shops up on the hill and Erbs and Gerbs doesn’t even deliver to Hermantown anymore.

  2. I dont blame you. I think their should be a jimmy johns on every street corner, however, don’t you EVER, EVER say the name Jimmy Johns in the same sentence as Er’b and Gerbs…Peace

  3. I heard that Beijing is having a hard time finding a new space and is delaying the demolishion of that building. I hope that changes soon, vacant buildings attract vandals. They should go in Walgreen’s former building! By the way I heard that The Plaza is the oldest shopping center in the state!

    • Beijing’s long-term lease and CVS pharmacy’s inability to reach an agreement with them is, indeed, holding up the small strip mall’s demolition and the construction of a CVS store on the site. I wrote about this in “Plaza tenant holdout delays CVS pharmacy,” the lead story in the April 2 Business Monday section of the News Tribune.

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