Cloth diaper comeback

Are you a new parent who would like to save money big-time and help the environment at the same time? Then consider using cloth diapers, says Joy Herbert of Duluth.

Herbert should know.

She’s saved up to $4,000 using cloth diapers with her young son and daughter and has started her newborn on them as well. And with each child on cloth diapers, 1.5 tons of disposable diaper waste is kept out of landfills, says Herbert who, with her husband, owns Little Neetchers, a home-based business selling cloth diapers.

And what better time than Earth Week to spread the word. So Little Neetchers will host a free Cloth Diapering Expo Friday at the Inn on Lake Superior in Canal Park.

The expo, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., will teach parents about the environmental benefits of using cloth diapers as well as the money savings. During the event, cloth diapers and diapering accessories will be given away.

 “We will also show off all the new types of cloth diapers and show parents how to use and wash them,” Herbert said. We want people to come and learn and see if cloth diapering is a green way of living that they would like to try.”

Modern cloth diapers don’t require the pins and the smelly soaking of years ago. Today’s washable diapers come in different styles and colors, with different absorbent linings with a cover that’s waterproof but not plastic. Some are washed separately, others come in one washable unit. Some have Velcro-style closings, others have snap closings to accommodate babies as they grow. And, Herbert says, they look cute on babies.

Little Neetchers, founded in 2009, last year won a prestigious Joel Labovitz Entrepreneurial Success Award in the micro-entrepreneur category. For more information about Little Neetchers, visit