Grizzly’s, art glass shop opening downtown this month

We got some opening dates for you.

The Greater Downtown Council says Grizzly’s will open its new Canal Park restaurant on May 21. The restaurant, with its signature wood-fired grill. will be located at 310 Lake Avenue, the former site of Hell’s Kitchen. It will be the third Twin Ports Grizzly’s opened by Rick Lampton, the chain’s local managing partner. The others are in Superior and the Miller Hill Mall area.

In its latest online newsletter, the Downtown Council also says Dan Neff will open his long-awaited Superior Art Glass shop in time for a May 31 ribbon cutting ceremony. Neff will be the second of three winners of the council’s Go Downtown Grow Downtown  the Great Space Giveaway retail contest to open a shop. The first was Wendy Myers and her Apricot Lane Boutique which opened at 313 W. Superior St. last month. The contest’s goal was to fill empty storefronts downtown with viable retailers.

Neff’s shop, at 202 E. Superior St., is across the avenue from the new Tycoons restaurant.  It will feature locally-made art glass, supplies and classes. His plans included glass-blowing demonstrations in the front store window for passersby to see. And if you haven’t seen the kind of glasswork Neff and his fellow artists create, it’s stunning and worth stopping in to see once he’s open. And he plans to be open into the evening.



4 thoughts on “Grizzly’s, art glass shop opening downtown this month

  1. Why another Grizzly’s? Duluth needs a TGI Friday’s or Ruby Tuesday. More stuff thats new to the market and no more copycats of what is already here!

    • Nathan, I totally agree about the TGI, and Rubys. The twin cities has some classy eateries that we can learn from.

      And, not sure if an artistic glass is a viable biz. I give it one year, sorry folks, not practial in this area or economy.

  2. It’s a Grizzly’s because the man who owns the other two Grizzly’s in the Twin Ports is willing — and able — to open another. It takes either the chain or a local franchise to open a TGI Friday’s, Ruby Tuesday or other restaurant that would be new to the area. What’s key is that that space in Canal Park will now be filled.

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